Resident Evil 2 DLC: 4th Survivor and Tofu Survivor stack up?


After a successful release of Resident Evil 2, we look at the first extra game modes, 4th Survivor and Tofu Survivor to see if they make fans happy.

If you haven’t read my review of the newest member of the Umbrella family, Resident Evil 2, well then I suggest you do that. It’s thoughtful, funny and I complain about stuff…it’s great.

At release, not only did Capcom give us one of the best installments in the series to date, but they included two extra modes right off the bat featuring beloved characters from the franchise. There are also more DLCs out, but that will be a review of its own. I’m here to talk about the 4th Survivor and Tofu Survivor game modes.

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First up was the surprise inclusion of one of two fan favorite characters, Hunk. Hunk is nicknamed the Grim Reaper, an Umbrella Soldier always making it out of any situation, no matter what. He’s deadly and survives it all. He’s known for his black outfit and gas mask. In 4th Survivor, Hunk is trying to get to the gates of the RPD building to reach an extraction point before they have to leave. As we all know, Raccoon City was bombed out of existence in an attempt to control the virus and conceal Umbrella’s involvement.

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Hunk starts off in the sewers and must make his way to the surface with a couple herbs, a few guns and some ammo. He is certainly packing and seemingly ready for whatever may come, but the task isn’t easy. You come across all forms of baddies on your journey, including the most annoying tyrant of them all, Mr. X. The entire thing is timed and the goal is to best your time once your finish an initial round. It’s getting through it the first time that’s the hard part. Speed runners can finish this in about seven minutes, which is insane.

Tofu Survivor is basically the exact same timed run…except you’re a piece of tofu in a hat. For those new to the franchise, this seems ridiculous and it is but there is a story behind it. During the development of the original Resident Evil 2, a developer made a tofu model to test the collision detection for the game. It became a fun little secret character and Capcom was amazing enough to include it in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

To unlock Tofu Survivor, you have to have completed 4th Survivor. I enjoy watching this particular mode versus playing it because watching a piece of tofu run around and kick G-virus ass is pretty hilarious, especially when it takes damage.

Image courtesy of Capcom

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The difference between the 4th Survivor and Tofu Survivor DLCs are what is given to you. While they set up Hunk with a nicely rounded inventory system, Tofu is given a limited set of knives and partial health herbs. No guns are given to Tofu per the canon of the character, so you have to try to make it to the RPD gates with as much of your soy bean curd intact as possible. It is extremely difficult and instigated a few rage quits on my part. The modes aren’t impossible but they sure feel that way sometimes.

Overall, the extra modes are okay. The main game completely eclipses these modes and the difficulty can make it frustrating to the point of not being enjoyable at times. But once you get through them, it becomes a matter of besting yourself. Keep an eye out for what we think of the newest game modes to be released, Ghost Survivors.

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Fan of the Resident Evil franchise? What did you think of 4th Survivor and Tofu Survivor? Let us know in the comments!