Project Blue Book: The Abduction of Thomas Mann

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Hostage Negotiations

Project Blue Book – Hostage Negotiations – Courtesy of Eduardo Araquel and the History Channel

Intrigued, Allen checks it out with a magnifying glass and so does Quinn. Michael hypothesizes that it is the remnants of Thomas getting shot in the shoulder during the war. But Hynek notices different properties to the seemingly harmless disc. He is starting to believe that something not of this earth has interacted with Mann.

Valerie wanting to prove that her husband is telling the truth, shows Quinn and Hynek a map of stars. Allen immediately knows what it is. Utilizing a compact, he matches it to one of the maps on Quinn’s case wall.

It turns out to be the Pleiades, however, it is looking back at the star cluster in space. A view at that time that no one had ever seen. This convinces the professor that something is going on.

He re-examines the disc that Valerie removed from Thomas’ neck. As he is doing so, the lights start turning off one by one. This isn’t the result of some strange chemical compound within the disc, this is the MPs gathering forces to rescue Hynek & Quinn.

Panicking, Mann gets up and moves to the window, both Michael and Allen try to warn him but Thomas ends up getting shot. Hynek and Quinn are freed. Thomas is fine but his future is uncertain.

Quinn asks Hynek to reconsider his resignation. He admits that they are a good team and that “he is better” when Allen is around. The professor agrees to stay.

Man in Black

Project Blue Book – The Rabbit Hole 1.1- Courtesy of Eduardo Araquel – History Channel

A weary Allen returns home to find the Man in Black waiting for him. Infuriated, he rushes the guy and pins him to his car, demanding to know why he is at his home.

The man tells him that he has the proof that Hynek is seeking and that he needs to go to Washington to find it. He hands Hynek a plane ticket. Could it be the unveiling of the UFO hybrid spacecraft that von Braun was working on or something to do with the “Program?”

The Verdict

Abduction was another solid episode from the writers. I definitely didn’t see Susie killing her associate though! Which left me wondering if Ksenia Solo’s story arc is done?

The entire show was an excellent take on the real-life Betty and Barney Hill incident. Yes, for the purists out there, it was loosely based on the Project Blue Book investigation but it was highly entertaining and riveting.

Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Laura Mennell and Ksenia Solo kept everyone glued to the TV with their performances. The tension in the air was so palpable that you could cut it with a knife. When you feel like you are witnessing real life events, the actors have done their jobs well.

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Get ready for the Project Blue Book finale next Tuesday at 10 p.m. on the History Channel.

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