The Passage recap: Amy faces her toughest choice yet


On the penultimate episode of The Passage, Amy is faced with her toughest decision yet when she falls sick from the vaccine. Does she decide to join Fanning’s crusade?

It’s the last episode before the season finale of The Passage and Fanning’s plan is finally in motion. Every character keeps talking about how “the end is nigh” and for the first time all season, it really feels that way.

This week’s episode established the high stakes in a way previous episodes weren’t quite able to do.

Amy falls victim to the vaccine in similar fashion to everyone else who had it before her. She’s faced with the impossible choice: turn into a viral and join Tim Fanning, or die a human.

A Visit with Fanning

To help make her decision, Fanning pays Amy a mental visit. “I don’t do riddles dude, just say what you mean.” She tells him. Thank God! I’m with Amy, Tim talks way too fancy for a guy whose essentially trying to recruit for an evil vampire army.

But Fanning is able to persuade Amy to see his side of things, at least a little. She’s way too smart to fall for his word games though. Plus Anthony warned her before not to believe anything he tells her. What I loved about this episode is ultimately, Amy makes her own choice.

Tim brings her to a tunnel, a tunnel representative of her decision. If she goes through it and out the other side, then she’ll turn. If she stays in the tunnel, she’ll choose to die a human.

Halfway through, she thinks of her mother, she thinks of Brad, all the people who have cared for her and told her what a brave, strong, smart girl she is. Then Amy creates a new path. She travels backwards out of the tunnel, rushing past Fanning, and in the real world. She wakes up.

THE PASSAGE: L-R: Guest star Jason Fuchs and Emmanuelle Chriqui in the “You Are Not That Girl Anymore” episode of THE PASSAGE airing Monday, March 4 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2019 FOX Broadcasting. CR: Erika Doss / FOX.

The Fate of Lawrence Grey

Back at Project NOAH, it doesn’t take long for things to devolve into chaos. Guilder takes control of NOAH and fires everyone. He plans to reboot the project altogether.

Once Amy falls ill, he deems the entire exercise a failure. Clearly he was pinning all his hopes of weaponizing the vaccine on her. But Guilder isn’t nearly as intelligent as he’d like to believe, he falls into a mental trap planned by one of the virals and gives him security clearance. The viral, Martinez, is able to give this information to Grey, who has been used as a rook in Fanning’s game of chess since the beginning.

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With his clearance, Grey is able to open all of the cells in 4B, releasing the virals once and for all.

What’s truly sad about this is that Nichole was finally able to perfect the vaccine with Lila in the labs. She had it in a serum ready to give Amy to cure her but Grey locked her in, leaving Nichole helpless to reach her in time.

Except Amy doesn’t actually need anyone’s help to stay alive. After she wakes up, Brad grabs her just as the virals get free and they try to make a break for it. They wind up locked behind a door with Fanning, Babcock, and all the other disgruntled prisoners clawing at them. But the final shot of the episode is a chilling one indeed. Amy looks up at the camera, her eyes turn the same warm amber as all of the other virals.

Did she turn after all? Or has she evolved into something else all together?

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Odds & Ends

  • We get more Babcock x Clark flashbacks. I don’t really know what the purpose of putting so much energy into this relationship is. Four months ago, there was a night where Babcock escaped (prior to turning) she and Clark shared a nice time at a diner together. In the present, Babcock reminds him of this and he tells her he only cared about her when she was the sweet Vegas girl stuck in a bad situation – not now that she’s turned into a monster.
  • I thought it was hilarious that everyone Guilder fired from Project NOAH was having a raging unemployment party of sorts while all this chaos was breaking out below.
  • Lacey returns! We see her hop aboard a truck headed for the compound! Hopefully she’s on her way to kick some serious butt.

The two hour season finale of The Passage premieres March 11th on FOX.

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