Bruce Campbell: Resurrecting lost Ash4President promos for 2020


Bruce Campbell did a series of promos for Season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead about the presidential race of 2016. Well, with another election coming up in 2020, we found some videos from that STARZ campaign that weren’t widely seen. You’re welcome, America!

Bruce Campbell always seemed like he was having a blast shooting promos for Ash vs Evil Dead. The Shemp’s Beer commercials that Ted Raimi directed were highly entertaining and like a trip back in time to the rad 80’s.

For Season 3, Campbell did a series of videos called, “Who’s Your Daddy?” where Ash dispensed “fatherly” advice to parents which was insanely funny. Let’s face it, Williams would be the last person that you would want having a morality chat with teenagers.

In 2016, STARZ created an ad campaign for the series that centered around the race for president. Once again, another scenario where Ash being the Commander in Chief might not be the wisest idea but it sure as hell was amusing.

We were lucky enough to find a few videos that Bruce did from that promotional series that were “lost” or maybe didn’t run as much as the more popular ones like “Real Man,” “Borders,” “Creating Jobs” or “Gender Equality.” Since there is another presidential election looming on the horizon and politicos are already announcing their candidacy, now would be the time to resurrect those forgotten spots.

Ash4President in 2020

Ash4President: Immature

In this promo, Campbell as Ash discusses why the other candidates feel that he is too immature to run for office. Of course, the punchline proves their point. You can’t help but laugh out loud and groan at the same time when you watch this number.

Ash4President: Immature from Lesley Pahl on Vimeo.

Ash4President: Performance

Where to begin with this one. Bruce assures us that Ash would completely satisfy us with his performance as President. Let that one sink in. Unfortunately for Williams, any woman that ends up in his bed ends up dead. All I can say is, priceless!

Ash4President: Performance from Lesley Pahl on Vimeo.

Ash4President: No Me in America

Watching Campbell as Ash in this spot reminds us that he has some serious comedic timing. Probably honed by all of those years watching his beloved Three Stooges. One of his assets as an actor is his extremely expressive face which he uses to perfection in this video.

Ash4President: No Me in America from Lesley Pahl on Vimeo.

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What a great way to celebrate Ash Wednesday with a look back at one of the most iconic characters in the horror genre.

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