UFOs: Mysterious lights captured over the Outer Banks


In November of last year, UFOs were caught hovering over the Outer Banks by a fisherman late at night. What were those mysterious lights?

UFOs are a hot topic again thanks to the extremely popular History Channel show, Project Blue Book. People want to believe, they really do. That is why whenever a sighting is reported, it usually turns into a viral news story.

Last November, a fisherman on Cape Lookout caught strange lights hovering over the ocean late at night. According to the Charlotte Observer, this is not an unusual occurrence for residents of the area.  The phenomenon has been occurring for more than two decades.

In the fall of 2018, we reported on a North Carolina man that supposedly captured an unusual craft on his cell phone. This account later turned out to be debunked. It was deemed an optical illusion.

However, the sighting on the Outer Banks is something else entirely. At first, you see two glowing orange orbs in the distance. But then, out of nowhere, two other lights join. These smaller ones are white in color and then turn the same hue as the original pair.

After a bit of hovering together, one pair drops out of sight leaving one remaining. It is fascinating to watch. Check out the clip courtesy of C.R. Larkin, ViralHog and the Charlotte Observer.

Theories Abound

Much like the Phoenix Lights incident, some viewers commented on the video claiming that it was probably parachute flares. Although, as everyone knows, flares flicker. These particular lights did not.

Also, if they were distress flares and anyone that has watched Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel can attest, they arc into the sky. Others felt that more than likely, the orbs were flames off the top of an oil rig. While there was a proposal by the Trump administration to “open the entire coastline of the lower 48 United States to oil and gas drilling, starting in 2019,” North Carolina chose preserving their ocean habitat over this initiative.

Interesting to note, Cape Lookout is home to a lighthouse but this doesn’t seem to be an explanation for the hovering lights above the ocean. Also, car headlights were mentioned more than once. While feasible that doesn’t seem to be the answer either.

There is a Marine Corps air station at New River and one viewer commented that these lights were “turning for approach to landing.” He also stated that the orange tint of the lights suggests atmospheric effects.

Playing devil’s advocate, what if weren’t any of the above-mentioned theories? While not necessarily intelligent craft driven by extraterrestrials, could the lights possibly be something that our military might be testing? Maybe drone technology?

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But would they do a test late at night? Since these types of sightings have been occurring over several decades in the same area, what if it is something from another world?

What do you believe? Do you think the lights are a hoax or is there a logical explanation? Could they be UFOs? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.