Myers Monday: Brother Cane vs Creed (Halloween Showdown Edition)


Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and H20 both have tremendously dated 90s songs. Now it’s time to see the two battle in Haddonfield.

Welcome back to Myers Monday, we hope you enjoy the trip to Haddonfield.

A Fringed Franchise

Six years after breaking free from a dark Haddonfield jail, Michael Myers and the Halloween franchise gets a makeover. Joining the studio system (Dimension Films), The Shape returns with a new curse in ’95. And with it, comes the promotional machine and easily accessible rock music tie-ins.

For the week’s Haddonfield festivities, we’re taking a look at the title tracks for Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and H20 to see which killed it the most. Let’s head back to the land of pagers and telephone booths..

And Michael Myers Shines On

From Brother Cane, The Curse of Michael Myers is where “Fools Shine On.” From the bands 1995 album, Seeds, the song is an interesting edition to the infamous slasher sequel. After the controversial changes to the film before release, the track was added to help sell the sequel to a more general audience. Was that the right call? You tell me Smith’s Grove Inmates.

Like both songs, this is alternative-rock and incredibly dated. Check out an awesome music video for the song below:

What’s Life For In Haddonfield

And then there’s Creed. A mega-popular band from the late ’90s, Scott Stapp and his group of rockers misfit rockers. Coming from the band’s My Own Prison alum, the track is one of their better offerings — if you’re into that sort of thing. Also, with H20’s themes and plot, a song talking about the meaning of life probably fits better  for a movie featuring a masked man killing people. Then again, maybe that’s just me.

Get ready to ask the real questions while fighting the Boogeyman, but first check out the official music video from the original DVD release:

More from Halloween

After pitting the two together, I’d say “What’s this life for” is the clear winner. Not only is it objectively better written across the board, the theme tie in with its respective film. This makes it feel a little less like a product, which is what the Brother Cane song really is.

While these two slightly cheesy (unquestionably oozing ’90s) songs may not be for everyone, I’m a huge fan and have devoured them over the years. In fact, I’ve probably watched the Creed video in my youth 50 to 100 times. To me, that’s what this life’s for.

This has been another edition of Myers Monday. We’ll see you trick ‘r treaters next week in Haddonfield.

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