High Moon: Werewolves and motorcycles meet modern western


If you have ever wondered what would happen if you mixed horror, western, and werewolves, High Moon will answer that question.

The horror genre usually pairs up with science fiction, sometimes with comedy, and other times with drama. But horror and western? Not that common, but completely possible. Add some werewolves to the mix and you get High Moon.

From the mind of writer and director Josh Ridgway comes High Moon, an action-horror western that follows a mysterious gunslinger named Colt (played by Chad Michael Collins) who comes back from the grave to stop his biggest enemies: werewolves. You might wonder why a guy like that would hate lycanthropes so much, but he has a good reason. They killed his wife.

How and why he comes back is something we will find out when the movie is released, but what we do know is that he’s not the only one who was resurrected – so were the gang of werewolves that killed his family. On his quest to exterminate every single lycan he comes across, Colt will meet a widow (Chelsea Edmundson), a sheriff (Matthew Tompkins), and the mayor (Sean Patrick Flanery).

It’s action, comedy and horror featuring werewolves, motorcycles and a serious B-movie vibe that makes it look quite entertaining. The lycanthropes, as seen in the trailer below, look like a mix of werewolf, vampire, and zombie, which makes sense (except for the vampire part) because they came back from the dead, so, essentially, Colt and the rest of the town are dealing with zombie werewolves. Interesting.

Aside from the genre mix, there are a few things that will be entertaining to see in this movie, such as how a monster-hunting cowboy from the mid-1800s adapts to the modern world. Also, how will the aforementioned zombie werewolves adapt (surely, there are some things that must change)? What brought them back from the dead and – if they were the only ones brought back – why were they?

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Get those silver bullets ready as High Moon will be released on VOD/Digital on May 14.

What did you think of the trailer? Looking forward to High Moon? Let us know in the comments.