Re-imagining 5 classic movie scenes with Bruce Campbell

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Bruce Campbell – Roy Scheider – Courtesy of Zanuck-Brown Productions, Universal Pictures

Jaws- “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Steven Spielberg’s first blockbuster movie was fraught with all sorts of trouble. Namely, the centerpiece of the film, a mechanical shark named Bruce (oddly enough) was known to be temperamental. So, to mitigate the fact that he rarely functioned, the director relied on camera technique to create the air of tension and terror.

Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss more than made up for the shark’s shortcomings. When you watch the three of them on screen together it is pure magic and like a masterclass on how to create believable characters.

Chief Martin Brody was the heart and soul of Jaws. While Quint gets the memorable speech, it is Brody who shoulders the responsibility of keeping the citizens of Amity Island safe from harm. That is no easy feat.

If you have ever studied acting, there is an old adage that is particularly helpful when film is your medium. “Less is more.” Scheider excelled at that concept. Just looking at him, you know you are in capable hands. He doesn’t need bits of business to convince you.

Bruce Campbell has a similar way about him. Sure, he can ham it up with the best of them but when subtlety is called for, he brings his A game. Bubba Ho-Tep is a prime example of what he can do when he immerses himself in a character.

That approach would serve him well protecting and serving the people of Amity Island.