Re-imagining 5 classic movie scenes with Bruce Campbell

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Bruce Campbell – Anthony Perkins – Courtesy of Shamley Productions

Psycho – “We all go a little mad sometimes…”

Norman Bates is another iconic character. One that is forever intertwined with the legacy of Anthony Perkins. Whenever people thought of the actor, that character would invariably come up. Just like Ash Williams when Bruce Campbell’s name is mentioned.

In this particular scene with Janet Leigh, I couldn’t help but go back in time to the very first Evil Dead. Many of Perkins’ mannerisms and his on-screen demeanor in Psycho made me think of Ash. The not so sure guy who is socially awkward and shy.

Even Campbell’s meltdown moments in Evil Dead 2 prove that he could successfully have played a character like Norman. He shares an intensity level with Perkins that can be downright scary. When you watch the tight close-ups on Anthony’s face, his eyes convey that oh so subtle look of madness that he quickly masks.

The interaction between him and Janet Leigh is also tinged with a deep dislike and distrust of females. Possibly because Bates is attracted to them and frightened at the same time. Can you blame him? After all, he has severe mother issues.

Another reason why it would be fun to imagine a young Bruce Campbell in this role is he has never truly played a psychopath, at least not on this level. It would be very interesting to see him tackle Norman.