Re-imagining 5 classic movie scenes with Bruce Campbell

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Bruce Campbell – Craig T. Nelson – Courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Amblin Entertainment, SLM Production Group

Poltergeist – “Before and after.”

Craig T. Nelson is the perfect everyman actor. You could imagine him being your neighbor, your barber, a teacher at the local high school and the list goes on and on. His character in Poltergeist, Steve Freeling is the type of guy that would host the community barbecue at his house.

He is also a very devoted husband and father. What makes this scene work with him and Jo Beth Williams is the inherent silliness. Here they are two adults getting high like teenagers and goofing off while their kids are in bed.

Bruce Campbell has played a father a couple of times now. In The Woods, he was a supporting character so we didn’t get to see a lot of Joe Fasulo in his everyday life. In Touch the Top of the World, as Ed Weihenmayer we get the full picture of a devoted father to his blind son.

That is pretty close to Steve Freeling who would do anything to save his children including fighting a possessed tree. Then again, we saw the Papa Bear instinct kick in on the last season of Ash vs Evil Dead with Ash going to the Dark Lands to rescue his daughter Brandy from demons.