Re-imagining 5 classic movie scenes with Bruce Campbell

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Bruce Campbell – J.K. Simmons – Courtesy of Columbia Pictures Corporation, Marvel Studios, Laura Ziskin Productions

Spider-Man 3 – “You tell my wife!”

Ok, before anyone says anything, yes, Bruce was in every Spider-Man movie. However, while I adore J.K. Simmons and feel he nails every part that he plays, I can’t help but wonder how Campbell would have fared as J. Jonah Jameson.

When I watched this clip, the bit of business with Jameson’s assistant and the intercom buzzing had me in hysterics. Of course, this had The Three Stooges written all over it. While Simmons was perfection in every comedic beat, Bruce might have played it a tad more slapstick.

After all, he and Sam Raimi have a shorthand and the pill scene might have turned into something akin to their old Super 8 movies. Plus, Jameson is very much a hard-bitten newsman character that it would be fun to see Campbell harken back to classic movies of the 1940’s for his portrayal.

The one liners and snappy patter that this character has coupled with that booming laugh is ideal for Bruce’s talents. Plus, it would have been great to see him play off of his pal, Ted Raimi in this featured scene. Particularly since the pair have such great chemistry together.

After you watch this particular clip, you will see what I am talking about.

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Here’s to hoping that a script will come along that will be superbly scripted with a well-rounded character and that Bruce Campbell will have a hard time turning it down. Although he isn’t one for accolades, his fans would love to see him showcase his talents with another career defining role in the future.

What classic movie role would you like to see Bruce Campbell hypothetically take on? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.