Star of Lifetime’s You to headline new horror film Countdown

Per Variety, Elizabeth Lail from Lifetimes “You”, to star in a new horror movie about a killer phone app called Countdown from STX Films.

Variety was given an exclusive tidbit that Elizabeth Lail has signed on to star in a new horror film from STX Films titled Countdown.

According to the article, the film will be about a nurse who downloads an app said to predict when any given person will die.

The synopsis makes the film sound like a modern day version of The Ring, instead of an old video tape being circulated claiming you only have seven days to live before Samara comes for you, it’s a phone application. It’s quite timely.

Supposedly in Countdown, Lail’s character will only have three days to live before she will be taken by whatever creature is behind the killer app.

Honestly, the plot sounds a little silly but it doesn’t mean it can’t make for a good horror movie. There’s no denying the premise is perfectly in tune with our present day zeitgeist.

I wonder if it will take a leaf out of Happy Death Day’s book and take a more satirical route, it would serve the film well.

Outside of You, Elizabeth Lail also starred in the short-lived Freeform horror series, Dead of Summer. Disney fans may recognize her as Princess Anna, who she played for a short while on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Outside of her starring roles, she has guest starred on shows like The Blacklist and The Good Fight.

According to Variety, in reference to Elizabeth Lail’s casting, STX Films’ chairman, Adam Fogelson, had nothing but nice things to say about her:

“Elizabeth Lail is an exciting young actress whose breakout performance in the wildly popular psychological thriller ‘You’ was a breath of fresh air.” 

The film is going to be directed by first-time feature director, Justin Dec, who is also penning the script. Previously, he worked crew on films like I Am Number Four, Up in the Air, and Rock of Ages.

You has been a dynamite success for Netflix with the streaming giant claiming more than forty million people viewed the show. It has been renewed for a second season and is now listed as a Netflix Original series after moving from Lifetime.

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