5 TV series from the 1970’s and 1980’s ready for a reboot

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Circle of Fear – Karen Black – Courtesy of William Castle Productions, Screen Gems Television

3. Circle of Fear

Circle of Fear was a very short-lived series on NBC that really didn’t get the chance to live up to its full potential. Originally, it aired as Ghost Story and was hosted by Sebastian Cabot of Family Affair. When the ratings started declining, the series was re-tooled and renamed.

An anthology type venture, each week featured a different episode dealing with bizarre subjects and paranormal happenings.

One of the best shows was about a ranger played by Jason Robards whose wife was cheating on him with a colleague. Of course, he murders them both and buries them in a shed in his backyard. As a result, Robards becomes paranoid convinced that they are going to come back to life and kill him.

Unfortunately for his character, that is the correct assumption. Each night, he sees them digging themselves out of their makeshift graves in the shed on his television set! He has every right to be terrified because they are definitely going to exact revenge on him.

The late, great horror and science-fiction author, Richard Matheson was the creator of this series. Because of the level of talent behind the camera, this production attracted top-notch talent. Even Robert Bloch, the author of Psycho wrote an episode entitled, House of Evil.

One of the original scream queens, Karen Black appeared on the show along with Jodie Foster, Meg Foster, Martin Sheen and Carolyn Jones who was Morticia in The Addams Family TV series. Because of the set-up of Circle of Fear, it would seem like the type of project that Blumhouse would take on.

We definitely know that they could assemble the kind of talent to make this effort a viable one. The possibilities are endless.