Is an Angel reunion in the works? David Boreanaz sure seems to think so!


This month at Wizard World Portland, there was a mini-reunion of the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and now Buffy’s main squeeze Angel appears to be benefiting from the series’ enduring popularity. Angelus himself, actor David Boreanaz dropped an interesting tidbit during a recent interview.

On Tuesday, Boreanaz was interviewed on CBS’s The Talk, and the host told him that fans have been asking about an Angel reunion. To the delight of fans everywhere, he said, “…there may be something coming up. I don’t want to give away much.”

After bringing up the fact that it has been almost 20 years since Angel began its 4-1/2 year run, Boreanaz stated that “we may have something in the works.” Maybe there is something lined up for the series’ 20th anniversary date in October?

The character of Angelus was part of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for three seasons before spinning off into his own series. After Buffy season three, Angel left Sunnydale and moved to Los Angeles, where he worked as a detective to “help the helpless” in order to make amends for his past evil deeds.

The character of Doyle (played by the late Glenn Quinn), a half-human half-demon who had visions of people in need of Angel’s help, was introduced, and they were soon joined by Buffy’s Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter). Spike (James Marsters), Welsey (Alexis Denisof) and Harmony (Mercedes McNab) also jumped over from Buffy to become Angel regulars along the way.

Other Buffy characters, including Willow, Oz, Andrew, Faith, Darla and Buffy made guest appearances on the series, and Boreanaz made a couple of appearances on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well. The interweaving of the characters from both series helped bring about the term “Buffyverse”, used to refer to events and characters from Buffy and Angel.

Buffy ended its run in 2003, and Angel followed a year later. But, something kind of funny happened; fans continued to want more. Both series lived on as comic books by creator Joss Whedon and Dark Horse. In 2018, the licensing rights were transferred to BOOM! Studios.

In March of 2017, Entertainment Weekly ran a cover story on Buffy’s 20th anniversary, along with reunion photos of the original cast members, including David Boreanaz. Fans lost their minds (including yours truly, who almost cried when viewing the gorgeous photos).

Both Buffy and Angel were recently added to Facebook Watch (along with Joss Whedon’s other excellent series, Firefly). But, there was still more to come from the horror series that wouldn’t die.

During March of this year, a large portion of Buffy’s original cast reunited at Wizard World Portland, looking very cozy and friendly with one another. Then, last week, Fox and The American Red Cross partnered for the 22nd anniversary of Buffy to present a special blood drive for Buffy Slay Day 2019.

Which brings us to this week’s interview, where Boreanaz hints that there may be another reunion on the near horizon. An Angel reunion could also include Alyson Hannigan, James Marsters, Charisma Carpenter, Mercedes McNab, Alexis Denisof, and – dare I hope – Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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J. August Richards (Charles Gunn), Amy Acker (Fred / Illyria) and Vincent Kartheiser (Connor), along with other recurring characters might also be part of the reunion. It’s a real shame that both Glenn Quinn and Andy Hallett (Lorne) have passed away, I would have loved to see them join the rest of the Buffyverse gang.

What do you think of the news of a potential Angel reunion? Are you as excited at the prospect as we are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.