Hidey, Ho! Dana DeLorenzo returns to TV this June on EPIX


Dana DeLorenzo is returning to series television in the new EPIX series Perpetual Grace, LTD. The show stars Ben Kingsley and Jimmi Simpson among others. We’ve got the details!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been nearly a year since the series finale of Ash Vs Evil Dead aired on STARZ. Since then, the only places to really catch Dana DeLorenzo have been on the con circuit and in a guest staring role on Rel late last year.

It was a funny guest spot where Dana basically played Richard Gere’s character from Pretty Woman. Meanwhile, fans were like, why isn’t she being cast in everything? She can do drama, comedy, and horror. Sometimes that would be in a single scene on Ash Vs Evil Dead.

All those frowns got turned upside down when Dana posted news on Instagram that she had just wrapped the first season of a new show on EPIX. Perpetual Grace, LTD stars Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley, Jimmi Simpson, Jackie Weaver, Terry O’Quinn, and Luis Guzmán among others. Those are some big names.

Perpetual Grace, LTD, is a 10-episode modern noir drama. That’s essentially what all crime dramas are called these days when they take their time to tell a full story and focus on characters. The premise sounds gritty and full of angst.


Sir Ben Kingsley plays Pastor Byron Brown alongside Jacki Weaver, who plays his wife Lillian. They are known as Pa and Ma to their parishioners. But they may not be the earnest couple of the faith that they portray themselves to be. Apparently, they’ve kept donations for themselves and stole from the townspeople.

Enter Jimmi Simpson. He’s a grifter, and possibly a murderer, who gets his sights set on the good pastor and his ill-gotten money. All he has to do is befriend him. And become addicted to methadone as part of a long con. Simple, right?

Well, the pastor ends up in jail, kills a guy with his shoe, starts spewing expletives, and has Luis Guzmán following him around with a shovel. Check out the trailer. This looks like the type of crime trip that’ll fill the True Detective void since season three ended.

I can’t wait to see Dana play alongside this cast in this world. I didn’t see her in the trailer or on the current cast list. So, she’s probably a recurring character for now. That could easily change in future seasons. Even if it doesn’t, hopefully this gives Dana exposure to a wider audience.

Dana DeLorenzo’s acting ability has wide range. We’ve seen her do slapstick comedy as Beth the Intern on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. In The Mad Ones, we got so wrapped up in her performance that we were actually rooting for her to forgo life on the road in favor of creating a relationship app for a magazine. (Ok. Maybe that was just me. I just wanted her character to be happy and set in life. That dude-bro who was helping her out seemed decent enough. I don’t know. Don’t judge me.) And, even though silly people roll their eyes at horror, those who can spot talent saw that Dana was a force to be reckoned with on Ash Vs Evil Dead.

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Also, if there’s ever an Amy Winehouse biopic, the role should totally go to Dana DeLorenzo. But, for now, watch out for more info on Perpetual Grace, LTD. It is set to premiere on Sunday, June 2 on EPIX. We can’t wait!

Are you excited that Dana DeLorenzo is returning to TV? Will this show make you consider getting the EPIX channel? Let’s discuss in the comments!