Tom Atkins is coming to Chicago Flashback Weekend: You gotta believe me!


The celebrity guest list for Chicago Flashback Weekend gets better by the day. Tom Atkins will be returning to the con when it takes over the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, IL Aug. 2 – 4.

Chicago Flashback Weekend keeps on getting better and better! Don’t believe us? Check out their latest guest addition.

Tom Atkins has given fans memorable performances for decades in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, The Fog, Night of the Creeps, and Lethal Weapon among many others. His characters always carry a relatable every-man trait: a guy just trying to make it to the next day in one piece.

As Daniel Challis in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Atkins played an emergency room doctor thrust into a conspiracy that involved Halloween masks, Stonehenge, and genocide. If that doesn’t sound heavy enough for you, there’s a scene where a family watches the kids turn into slugs and snakes that eat their parents. True. There is no Michael Myers in Halloween III, but he wasn’t meant to be in it. Season of the Witch is one creepy little horror flick.

Before joining the Halloween franchise, Atkins co-stared in John Carpenter’s The Fog. He played Nick Castle, which happens to be the real name of the actor who portrayed The Shape in the original Halloween. Atkins’ Castle was a resident of Antonia Bay who, with the rest of the town, are accosted by a vengeful fog. But he did pick up hitchhiker Jamie Lee Curtis along they way, so it wasn’t all bad for Mr. Castle.

In Lethal Weapon, Atkins character, Michael Hunsaker, is the catalyst for the movie. He grew tired of laundering money for the heroin smuggling Shadow Company. When he tries to get out of the life, his daughter is killed in retaliation. Atkins plays the character as a man with dirty hands trying to get justice.

Chicago Flashback Weekend-Tom Atkins-Courtesy of TriStar Pictures

Atkins also had roles in Escape from New York, Creepshow, and The Ninth Configuration with the late, great Scott Wilson. On television, Atkins has been on shows ranging from Walker, Texas Ranger and Xena: Warrior Princess to Homicide: Life on the Street and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Joining Tom Atkins at Flashback Weekend for a special group photo op are Jason Lively and Jill Whitlow from 1986s Night of the Creeps. Those ops should be going on sale within a few weeks.

The celebrity lineup at Chicago Flashback Weekend is already pretty strong. Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund from A Nightmare on Elm Street join Sam RaimiBruce Campbell and Ted Raimi from the Evil Dead franchise at the con. Tony Todd and Virginia Madsen from Candyman will also be in attendance. Todd will even be in costume for some photo-ops. Lance Henriksen was recently announced to be a guest, as well. Plus Melinda Clarke and Alicia Witt will also be signing autographs and meeting fans. Chicago is looking like the place to be for horror fans early next August.

Chicago Flashback Weekend-Night of the Creeps-Courtesy of TriStar Pictures

Discount hotel accommodations are already available at the Crown Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. There is a free shuttle service to and from O’Hare Airport.

One of the newest additions to Flashback Weekend is the Murray Brothers Caddyshack restaurant located within the hotel. It’s owned and run by Bill Murray and his brothers. It’s named and themed after the iconic 1980 comedy Caddyshack. They offer a special horror themed menu during the con.

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Tickets and VIP packages aren’t on sale, yet. Check back with Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Con over the coming months. This is going to be a good one.

Have you ever attended Flashback Weekend before? Is Tom Atkins appearance making you consider the trip? Let’s discuss in the comments!