Crystal Lake Radio: 13 best songs from the Friday the 13th franchise

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Friday the 13th 2- Courtesy of Paramount Pictures,Warner Bros.,Georgetown Productions Inc

Jason, Mother is talking to you. She wants you to crank up the volume.It’s time for some Crystal Lake Radio…

Kikiki Mamama..Music. It’s almost time to go camping again and, of course, what would a camping trip be without some awesome tunes? I imagine Camp Crystal Lake having a PA announcement system; speakers at every end of the lake. Seeing as our favorite little campground seems to lack any real authority figures, cranking music out in the middle of nowhere sounds like a pretty neat idea, doesn’t it? That portrait painted, I introduce you to Crystal Lake Radio.

As much as we love and appreciate Harry Manfredini’s memorable work on nine of the original 10 Friday the 13th movies, and we’d love to include Stan Meissner’s and Fred Mollin’s Broken Dream from Jason Takes Manhattan, this list isn’t focusing solely on score.

Imagine, if you will, suddenly being overwhelmed by a sense of liberation not typically felt in any crowded social setting. As you’re getting all settled in, you feel the nervousness melt away like sweat dropping off your body. Once the cabins are swept, the damp mattress are cleaned and covered, you and your potential new friends search the grounds and engage in some recreational activities — we’ll leave this up to your imagination. All of this taking place as our Crystal Lake Radio “Flashback Friday” playlist echoes.