Crystal Lake Radio: 13 best songs from the Friday the 13th franchise

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Courtesy of Paramount Pictures, 1986.

1) (I’m No) Animal – Felony

To start things off, we’ve got this song from 1986’s Friday the 13th part 6: Jason Lives. You can’t really have summer fun without a killer rock track. Lugubrious sounding lyrics notwithstanding, this upbeat ’80s track is still pretty catchy. If you’re familiar with the 1981 movie Graduation Day, then you’ll surely remember the band Felony made an appearance in it. They were only around from mid 1970s to early 1990s, but their contributions, specifically to the horror genre, are not soon to be forgotten.

2. Tick Tick Boom – The Hives

Tick Tick Boom was featured in so many television ads, almost shadowing their contribution to the 2002 Spider-Man soundtrack. Even though this band’s been around for quite awhile, this track seems to be their most successful. It’s of course most memorable to us having been featured in the 2009 Platinum Dunes Friday the 13th remake.

3. (We Were) Electrocute – Type O Negative

2003’s Freddy vs Jason featured one incredible track right after another. One of the outstandin is reflective and strangely uplifting. Have you ever sat outside, bathing in the sun as a gentle breeze eases by? In that moment, were you reflecting on a past event? If so, you understand the effect of this song.