Crystal Lake Radio: 13 best songs from the Friday the 13th franchise

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Friday the 13th Part Vll: The New Blood — Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

10. Magic (In Your Eyes) – FM

Released in 1987, FM’s album Tonight. 5 of the songs on the album appear in Friday the 13th part 7: The New Blood. If we had to pick a stand-out one, it would be this, because it almost feels like it was made for the character Tina. John Carl Buechler has recently passed away, but his contributions to cinema and, specifically horror, will never be taken for granted. If only we could say, “Thank you for inspiring us.”

11. Freak Your Loneliness – Bumblebeez

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It’s kind of a weird track, but it has a unique energy to it that’s worth checking out. It can be heard in the remake, which has its ups and downs, both on the soundtrack and the film as well. Throughout Friday the 13th‘s history, so much has changed onscreen and off screen. Older and younger fans alike are treated to some sort of time capsule. Some more dated than others, they’re still fantastic to see what youths at the time were like and what music was popular.

12. Welcome to the Stranger – Murderdolls

I might as well put down the entire Freddy vs Jason soundtrack, right? There were 2 released; a score composition album and this one. Murderdolls were a pretty good band and this song just fits well with the movie. The band is mostly known for their horror-themed tracks and members Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison of Slipknot fame could potentially reunite later in the year. Even Jason Voorhees would have to agree this is a pretty bitchin’ banger, if ever there was one.

13. Closing Theme – Harry Manfredini

Friday the 13th’s ending is undoubtedly one of the greatest, perhaps most shocking endings in slasher film history. Harry’s minimalist score is overwhelming by this point. We’ve heard the shrieks and intensity of his score all throughout the movie. This piece of the score is really the only break we’re given. It’s tragic, beautiful and fills you with this feeling that, what should have and could’ve proven to be a great memory for Alice, turned into a violent evening that’ll haunt her forever.

That about wraps it up for Crystal Lake Radio’s Flashback Friday playlist. Do you agree with our picks?

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