Deadly Class finale pays homage to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II


Deadly Class co-creator, Rick Remender admits that the finale of his Syfy series paid homage to Sam Raimi’s iconic Evil Dead II.

Deadly Class, the punky, edgy 80’s themed series based on the comic book of the same name ended its first season run. The Syfy show executive produced by the dynamic duo, Joe and Anthony Russo of the mega blockbusters Captain America and Avengers films leans very heavily on horror.

A series about young people attending a school for assassins gives new meaning to the term “teenage angst.” Rick Remender and his partner Wes Craig, give their audience a trip back in time to when yuppies were what everyone aspired to be and New Wave bands ruled the airwaves.

In an interview with Deadline, the co-creator talked about his views on what true horror is and how his love of a certain iconic 80’s genre film influenced the Deadly Class Season 1 finale, “Sink with California.” A shining example of that gritty, darkness that most chillers had back in the day is prominently featured in the epic battle in the rigged hillbilly house from hell.

Remender has an interesting theory on being scared. For him, most horror films are formulaic. In his words:

"“Anytime you are going into a movie and you’re told that it’s horror, unless there’s some really, really incredible twists, I feel like I always sort of know what I’m expecting.”"

Let’s face it, he is correct. That is why tropes exist. But another good point that Rick brings up is the fact that when you don’t see what’s terrifying coming at you, that is truly scary. To him, if you are “watching a science-fiction film and all of a sudden, it turns horror,” that is effective. That sneak attack grabs audiences and compels them to go along for the ride.

In the aforementioned scene in F*******’s Manor, Remender and company drew upon Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II to add more depth to that critical event. Director of the episode, Adam Kane collaborated with the co-creator on the phone and the result was this battle royale which is very much like Ash Williams taking on Deadites at the cabin in the woods.

Especially, the way that it is shot harkens back to the shadowy dankness of the interior of the “evil mistress in the woods.” You can clearly see Raimi’s fingerprints all over this action down to the way it is blocked.

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As of yet, Syfy hasn’t given Rick Remender and Wes Craig any word on Deadly Class Season 2. Hopefully, we will get another exciting year of this unique series.

Could you see the homage to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II? Are you a fan of Deadly Class? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.