Hey, Sam Raimi! Want to direct an animated Spider-Man movie?


It has been 12 years since Sam Raimi directed a Marvel movie. With the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Avi Arad is pining for those bygone days.

Sam Raimi and the Spider-Man 3 saga is old news. By now, everyone has heard the tale. Forced to incorporate Venom, a character he didn’t relate to, spelled the beginning of the end of a successful run for the Detroit born director of the lucrative Marvel franchise.

Despite the lukewarm reception at the box office and among fans, Raimi moved on to what would have been the fourth installment in his series. However, Sony decided that they wanted to go with the reboot idea rather than continue with the director so they parted ways.

Last year, producer Avi Arad admitted that he felt guilty about the episode stating, “You know what I learned? Don’t force anybody into anything.” And that is a good rule of thumb. Just imagine if Sam would have been able to have made the movie, he wanted to…

After all, since childhood, he was always an ardent follower of the Web Slinger. Supposedly, he had a mural of the character on his wall above his bed as a kid. So, one can imagine that working for Marvel in the early aughts was like a dream come true for the director.

Which brings us to a recent discussion that Arad had with Deadline in a story celebrating the producer’s affiliation with the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over three decades. In it, Avi had nothing but praise for Raimi as a “still ramping up” talent at the time that he made the very first Spider-Man movie starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.

With the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse at the box office and the Academy Awards this year, the MCU is still going strong and plans are for the franchise to continue in animation with sequels and spin-offs.

This could be the ideal time for Sam Raimi to reunite with the character that he has loved since childhood. Obviously, since he is adored by his fans, who have an insatiable appetite for product from the director, a new effort from him and Peter Parker’s alter ego would be welcome with open arms.

Let’s admit it. It would be fun to see Sam Raimi return. Avi Arad knows this because he even shouted out to him in the Deadline article simply stating:

"“I would love to see what kind of animated Spider-Man movie we’d get from Sam Raimi so if he sees this, ‘Call me Sam!’”"

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We have to agree with the producer wholeheartedly. Our fingers are crossed that Raimi reaches out to Arad. It’s time for him to come home.

Would you like to see Sam Raimi direct a Spider-Man film again? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.