Supernatural: Show stars confirm Season 15 will be the series’ last


The Winchesters will return for one final hunt before packing it in for good. The show’s stars confirm the 15th season will be Supernatural’s last.

It is the end of an era at The CW and for television as a whole. Supernatural, the longest-running sci-fi/horror drama series, will be coming to an end after its 15th season. The CW is going to look very different next year without two of its headline shows, Supernatural or Arrow, on its roster.

The news broke this afternoon from a video posted by the shows star’s, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins. In it, all three guys are clearly tearing up with emotion! (As was I and countless other fans who watched.)

“We’ve cried some tears and we’ll cry some more.” You got that right, Jared. If you want to view the signing off video in full I’ve got it linked right here.

It’s kind of crazy to remember Supernatural’s humble beginnings. When it all started, the story was a pretty simple one about two brothers going on a cross country trip to find their father. The Winchester family motto, “saving people and hunting things”, was about  as clear cut as you could get.

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The first season was mostly about urban legends with an earthy Route 66 meets The X-Files vibe. As the show continued to grow its fan-base, it evolved and so did the lore. The brothers faced more deadly spirits and demons, monsters from your worst nightmares, and eventually even God and the Devil himself.

Angels were introduced as a complement to the strong demonic presence on the show. The Winchesters literally got embroiled in a battle between Heaven and Hell, Supernatural tackled the Apocalypse and still came out the other side with hundreds more episodes to go!

Every time you thought they’d reached the end of their rope, the writers came up with something even greater to top what came before.

I honestly thought it would run for at least two or three more seasons, so I’m shocked by the announcement it’ll be coming to an end far sooner than I imagined it would. The good news is, Jared and Jensen have come to this decision themselves.

The CW and its president, Mark Pedowitz, have always been adamant the show would end when they felt the timing was right. At least we know they’ve got time to plan out the final season (which will consist of 20 episodes).

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Even though Supernatural’s on-air reign might be coming to a close, I have a feeling the conventions and its legacy will continue for years to come. Supernatural wouldn’t have lasted for fifteen years without having an incredibly loyal following, and I know they won’t let it be forgotten any time soon.

Its impact can be felt in many other shows within the genre and who knows? Maybe The CW will even pick up a spin-off or two (here’s looking at you Wayward Sisters…)

New episodes of Supernatural air Thursday nights on The CW.

How do you feel about Supernatural calling it quits after 15 seasons? Let us know in the comments.