David Weiner: The Nostalgia Curator goes In Search of Darkness

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Time to Herd Cats

David Weiner – John Carpenter – Courtesy of In Search of Darkness

1428 Elm: The cast assembled is mind blowing. It is a who’s who of the genre. What was the process like getting the talent on board and then scheduling? It must have been challenging. How did you accommodate everyone?

DW: If you are good at herding cats, then you can schedule 40 interviews plus. It is what it is. You put together a wish list first and then you start reaching out to people. There has to be more of a method to the madness.

You can’t really just say “I love these names, let’s put them on there.” Like I said there is a structure and a narrative that needs to be serviced. In order to be able to do that, it is very important to me to get a solid cross section of the people who participated in this era.

Not only do you get the actors and the directors but you get the special FX personnel and the composers and former child actors. To me, you sort of paint all of the corners where everything is serviced in terms that we discuss all the elements that made the 80’s a memorable decade.