David Weiner: The Nostalgia Curator goes In Search of Darkness

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Making Horror History Accessible

David Weiner – VHS – Courtesy of In Search of Darkness

1428 Elm: What was behind the decision to do Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns versus traditional funding and studio backing?

DW: Well, many people are always looking and pitching for funding. It is a very long process to finance a film. It could take years and years and could potentially never happen.

However, through the magic of crowdfunding if there is an interest and a hunger or a desire for a certain type of project and specific genre like horror it is helpful if they can sense you know what you are doing and you have a very distinct vision.

For the Kickstarter when I came on, we met our goal in 2 days. We made another $100 K by the 30-day mark. The reason why we are now doing Indiegogo is its an opportunity for people who didn’t get the chance or were unaware of the project to back it and be a part of this venture. They can reserve their copy of the film.

In Search of Darkness is a small endeavor. If you go with a distributor, they take a substantial cut. As a business proposition, there is not much return.

With Indiegogo, you can directly get this to the consumer who is genuinely interested. And the fan who wants a piece of this. The campaign runs until the end of this month.