David Weiner: The Nostalgia Curator goes In Search of Darkness

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Be Committed

1428 Elm: IMDb shows that In Search of Darkness will premiere in the UK in May. When will we be able to see it in the US?

DW: We are aiming for July to get this to everyone who has backed the documentary and reserved it. The time is now to get a piece of it and to spread the word. We’re focusing on this immediate turnaround.

1428 Elm: Do you have anything else on the horizon besides the upcoming Sci-Fi documentary for Robin Block that you mentioned?

DW: I am locked into this project. It has brought me tremendous fulfillment. I am following along this path and I will continue to write as an entertainment journalist for The Hollywood Reporter and L.A. Weekly.

I will also continue to work on my blog as well. I love covering whatever I want and have it be out there instantly.

1428: Any advice for aspiring writers and filmmakers?

DW: The most important thing you can do as a creative person is to commit to your craft. Don’t worry about the financial success or the broader fame and fortune that it may bring to you. That will come eventually if you commit to doing the work.

Get your projects out there by creating your own website, put things on You Tube, you have to put yourself out there. Exploit social media to its fullest extent to promote yourself tactfully and diplomatically.

But you have to be patient. There is no direct or specific path. Persevere and have faith and believe in your own creations.

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We would like to thank David Weiner for his time. You can contribute to this awesome effort by going directly to the Indiegogo website for In Search of Darkness by clicking on this link. Become a backer or a producer today!

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