Bruce Campbell: 5 interesting facts about The Fall of Sam Axe

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Sam Axe – Bruce Campbell beer – Courtesy of USA Network

While I enjoy quite a few roles that Bruce Campbell has played over the years, if I am being honest, my favorite is “Chuck Finley.” That being said, let’s take a look at 5 interesting facts from the Burn Notice TV movie, The Fall of Sam Axe.

I have watched many Bruce Campbell performances over the years and while there are characters that he has portrayed that I have enjoyed, I keep coming back to Sam Axe. What is it about the Mojito drinking, Tommy Bahama shirt sporting, ex-Navy Seal operative that is so compelling?

His “everyman” affability, definitely. For me, it is more about his attitude. While for the most part, he is pretty laidback, when it comes to his friends, its his loyalty that defines him.

The fact that he lives by the creed of leaving no one behind (and that once he starts a job, he finishes it), is what makes Sam an honorable man. That is why I was thrilled when Matt Nix gave the character his own TV movie to address his origins.

In the 2011 production of The Fall of Sam Axe, we get to see what led to his boozy, lounging days by the pool when Michael Westen meets up with him in Season 1 of Burn Notice. For those of you that have never seen it, I won’t reveal any spoilers.

However, I will suggest that you check your streaming services. I know that Amazon has it as well as Hulu. So, its time to take a look at 5 interesting facts about the movie!