Bruce Campbell: 5 interesting facts about The Fall of Sam Axe

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5 Interesting Facts about The Fall of Sam Axe

Bruce Campbell – Donovan Directing – Courtesy of Glenn Watson-USA Network 2013 NBCUniversal. Inc.

5. Jeffrey Donovan Is the Director

Usually after a certain point in any long running television show, invariably you will see the actors’ names showing up in the end credits as producers, executive producers or in some cases, writers. The coveted spot though is director.

Jeffrey Donovan is no exception. In Season 4, the actor ventured into that realm when he directed Bruce in a “Samtastic” episode called Made Man. According to Campbell, he enjoyed that working relationship so when Matt Nix was looking for someone to helm The Fall of Sam Axe, Bruce recommended his colleague.

Another plus for having a fellow thespian in the driving seat, he knows how to handle specific challenges that may arise. In Donovan’s case, according to creator Nix:

"“He knows Bruce’s character as well as anybody other than Bruce.”"

Also, being around someone day in and day out for hours at a time causes you to develop an understanding of how that person operates. In some instances, that type of “shorthand” might end up being very helpful on a long and demanding shoot. There is an element of trust as well.

In order to be creative, actors tend to need “safe” environments. With another performer behind the camera, you know that you are potentially in good hands.