Bruce Campbell: 5 interesting facts about The Fall of Sam Axe

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Bruce Campbell – Chainsaw and Groovy – Courtesy of USA Network

3. That Chainsaw Scene, Though

Ash Williams is forever just like Sam Axe’s alter ego. Prior to Campbell landing the Burn Notice gig despite being prominently featured in the hugely successful, cult hit, Xena: Warrior Princess, fans will always recognize him as the smart ass, chainsaw wielding Deadite killer.

Much like Leonard Nimoy’s, “Live long and prosper,” Bruce is also known for a very simple catchphrase. While “Give me some sugar, baby” has a certain appeal he will forever be associated with the 70’s buzzword, “Groovy.”

You would think that would have no place in his Burn Notice character’s lexicon, right? Wrong. There is a scene where Sam finds a chainsaw and hurls it at some ambushing soldiers. After thwarting their impending attack, he utters, “Very groovy.”

The writers were having a bit of fun with the actor. He also claims that they wanted to incorporate the phrase, “Army of Darkness.” Campbell nixed that idea because it had no context other than to be an homage.

Admittedly, when you hear it you have to crack a smile because it is amusing plus a nice little Easter egg for Bruce’s followers. So, if you decide to watch this movie over the weekend, look for this gem.