Bruce Campbell: 5 interesting facts about The Fall of Sam Axe

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Bruce Campbell – Pulls a Han Solo – Courtesy of USA Network

2. Bruce Campbell Pulls a Han Solo

Sam actually trains a rag tag group of farmers to become guerilla fighters. Of course, that effort is not without its comedic moments. There is one scene in particular that is very reminiscent of the Alamo. The peasants are valiantly trying to hold off an advancing enemy.

Of course, they are behind rocks and natural barriers. Since they are more comfortable herding goats then being warriors, when one of the group hits a member of the opposing force, Axe tells him:

"“Good shot, Mando! Don’t get cocky.”"

Star Wars fans will find this particularly amusing. When Luke and Han were escaping from the Death Star, Solo actually uttered that same phrase to Luke. So, in addition to an Evil Dead reference, there is also one for George Lucas aficionados as well.

Now that is groovy!  Who would have thought that one day, Bruce’s world would collide with one of the biggest franchises in history? I have to hand it to Matt Nix. Pretty clever…

The line is delivered so casually that you might not even catch the original reference.