Ash vs Evil Dead: Wish list for the upcoming virtual reality game

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Ash vs Evil Dead – El Brujo Especial 2 – Courtesy of STARZ

4. Pablo’s Powers Have Grown

In Season 3, Pablo was coming into his own as a Shaman. He was accepting his role and learning about his newfound powers. After the defeat of Kandar, much like Neo training in The Matrix, he has been honing his abilities.

Fine tuning his understanding of the Necronomicon so that if or rather when the time comes again, he will be ready to fight fire with fire so to speak. He will take his place beside the woman that he has loved since they worked at Value Stop.

Together, they will be a force to be reckoned with and he is also aware of the burgeoning abilities of his son. Since he was one with the Book of the Dead thanks to Ruby, this makes him keenly aware when a breach has been made and a rift has been opened.

He is the Ghostbeaters “secret weapon” who is now able to fully control his psychic talents. Pablo will also be able to assist in the search to find Ash. In addition to protecting his family, he must also guard Brandy.

Since she is the “Prophesied One’s” scion, the demons will still be coming for her full force. He will be responsible for her because of his love for Ash and she is also like a sister to him and Kelly.