Ash vs Evil Dead: Wish list for the upcoming virtual reality game

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 2017 Courtesy of STARZ

3. Like Father, Like Daughter

Brandy knows that her father is still alive. There have been rumors that the new Knights of Sumeria are hiding him but their fortress is unknown. Her quest is to be reunited with him.

Unlike Ash, Brandy is well aware of her capabilities. She doesn’t have the gift of sixth sense like Pablo and his son. She isn’t as experienced as Kelly is when it comes to tactics and weaponry to destroy the Deadites.

However, she has become Kelly’s protégé and is her perfect second in command. She is learning from the best. Like Ash, she is fearless and well aware that one day it might be up to her sans the Ghostbeaters to partake in a final showdown.

She does have a tendency to shoot first and think never though when her temper flares up. But she is learning to control it. In that respect, she will be very reminiscent of Kelly in Season 1.

Brandy could be an alternate storyline because if players of the VR game are given the ability to choose different outcomes to situations, she could end up being kidnapped by the Dark Ones. Thus, triggering another epic battle of good vs evil.