Ash vs Evil Dead: Wish list for the upcoming virtual reality game

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Ash vs Evil Dead – Eligos – Courtesy of STARZ

2. The Return of Eligos

Of course, to make this game interesting, the Dark Ones will certainly be a looming presence. Definitely casting a cloud over everything, since Ruby and Kaya met their demises, we need another threat to try and kill Brandy.

Plus, they also want to know how to get to Ash too. I am proposing that they bring back everyone’s favorite demon from Season 1, Eligos. Yes, he was portrayed in Books from Beyond as being a lower tier entity but he wants to get back at Ash and to prove his worth to his superiors.

He volunteers to seek out El Jefe and to eliminate Brandy. We know what his demon form looks like but he will also have the ability to appear human. This could make it easier for him to infiltrate the Ghosbeaters’ survivor group as well as the Knights of Sumeria.

Since he is obviously well-versed in the Dark Arts, his particular quest will run adjacent to the Ghostbeaters and the KOS with Ash. What will make it fun is the fact that Pablo will have a sense that he is around but Eligos will have the ability to “cloak” his human identity to make him undetectable to those gifted with the sixth sense.