Time travel: Man goes into another dimension on his work break


Time travel doesn’t exist. Well, in theory it does but not in actual application. However, for a security guard in Pennsylvania a trip to The Twilight Zone became terrifyingly real.

Time travel doesn’t exist. Although if we lived in The Twilight Zone it might. I decided to write about a present-day situation where traveling to another dimension may have been captured on video.

Theoretically speaking, time travel is possible. However, in practical application, it doesn’t work. At least, not right at the moment. The concept has been the plot of countless movies and television shows but the ability to actually disappear into another dimension is nothing more than wishful thinking or is it?

In Pennsylvania, at a warehouse in an unspecified location, things are going to get very strange for a security guard named Aarav as he observes something unsettling while surveying company grounds. What started out as a routine day at this company for him changed drastically after he witnessed something that happened to an employee.

Aarav sent the closed circuit video of the event to Apex TV and The Daily Dot. Basically, we follow around an undisclosed individual who appears to be on his work break. Clad in a hoodie, he is milling about apparently looking for an object.

Once he locates it, he picks it up and starts looking at it. A light starts flashing. Could it be his cell phone camera? The flashes pulsate and then he vanishes into thin air. See what you think…

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Even with the footage slowed down, I still feel like a dissolve is being used along with creative editing on the tape. Whoever did it is pretty good at effects but as much as I want to believe that this is a live teleportation to another dimension, I am going to have to stand firmly in my skeptic corner.

Is this video an example of good editing or do you believe that a time traveler has been captured on a journey to another dimension? Let us know in the comments.