Re-casting 5 classic TV series with Bruce Campbell

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Bruce Campbell – Lost in Space – Courtesy of 20th Century Fox Television, CBS, Irwin Allen Productions

4. Lost in Space – Professor John Robinson

Guy Williams who starred as the patriarch of the space traveling Robinsons actually portrayed another legendary TV character, Zorro. Now, I didn’t pick this role for Bruce because he also played a sword wielding rogue by the name of the Daring Dragoon but it happens to be an odd coincidence.

John Robinson was a loving husband and father who wanted to keep his family safe at all times. Whenever Dr. Smith would endanger one of his children, he would try to remain reasonable unlike Don West who was always willing to throw down at a moment’s notice when Smith got out of line.

Bruce has played a father in his career and is quite good at it. Why he doesn’t get cast in that role more often is beyond my comprehension. Robinson is also a man of science and we all know that this is in the actor’s repertoire as well.

It would be fun and engaging for Campbell to battle aliens and monsters on a show like this. Granted, Lost in Space is no Star Trek but it was a different type of sci-fi series. Smaller in scale and it focused more on the dynamics of the characters and their interactions.

Another interesting bit of trivia, Bruce enjoyed this show as a kid.