Re-casting 5 classic TV series with Bruce Campbell

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Ross Martin

circa 1959

Photo by Gabi Rona

3. The Wild West – Artemus Gordon

Okay. I have a confession to make. This was one of my favorite TV shows growing up and Artemus was the best character. The Wild Wild West was about two secret service agents that worked for President Grant solving crimes and thwarting plans for world domination.

Yes, Jim West as played by the charismatic Robert Conrad was more flamboyant and did his own stunts but Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon exuded a calm sophistication that was in perfect contrast to his partner.

One of the compelling things about Gordon was the fact that he was a master of disguise so he would get to do the undercover work. He would employ all sorts of make-up, costumes and accents so that he would be totally unrecognizable.

Bruce would be perfect in this role. Imagine him portraying several different characters in a show? That would be highly entertaining. Plus, Artie was actually the heart and soul of the duo. He was also an inventor as well.

This was the original “buddy cop” venture. Once again, Campbell has the sense of humor as an actor that is required for a sidekick role like Artemus Gordon. If paired with the proper person, he could knock this one out of the park.