Re-casting 5 classic TV series with Bruce Campbell

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Bruce Campbell – McMillan & Wife – Courtesy of Talent Associates, Norton Simon Inc., Universal Television

2. McMillan & Wife – Stewart McMillan

McMillan & Wife was a 1970’s show set in San Francisco with Rock Hudson playing the Commissioner of Police, Stewart McMillan. “Mac” as he was known to everyone was an extremely astute detective with a great sidekick in the wonderfully funny and talented character actor, John Schuck who played Sgt. Charles Enright.

What kept the audience tuning in week after week was the relationship between Mac and his wife Sally (Susan St. James). Now, she wasn’t your stay at home or hanging at the nearest Starbucks type of woman. She was forever getting involved with her husband’s cases because she fancied herself to be an amateur sleuth.

St. James and Hudson had great onscreen chemistry so they were very believable as a couple. Each week, a famous celebrity of the era would show up in a guest starring role. They would murder someone or commit a crime and it was up to Mac, his wife and Sgt. Enright to solve the situation.

Campbell would excel in this type of role. The series dynamic is very similar to Jack of All Trades. Mac would definitely be a character that he could play well and would have a good time doing so. Once again, with the proper cast, I would love to see McMillan & Wife actually be rebooted.