Dana DeLorenzo: Top five roles she was born to play

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Dana DeLorenzo-Halloween Horror Nights-Courtesy of Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

We’re big fans of Dana DeLorenzo at 1428 Elm. While it was great to hear she was cast in Perpetual Grace, LTD, we think there are even more roles that she would fit perfectly.

Dana DeLorenzo is a versatile actor who has skill in drama, comedy, and genre roles. She disappeared into her role as Claire in The Mad Ones, kicked deadite butt while dropping one liners in Ash Vs. Evil Dead, and made complete sense as Karen’s mom on the Will & Grace revival.

Casting an actor can be a difficult task. No one really denies that. Still, Hollywood gets it wrong a lot of the time. Sometimes it feels like they’re not even trying. The same people get cast over and over again. True diversity and inclusion are rarely considered. A lot of actors end up in obscurity despite their talent.

We’re not going to solve any of that today. But, we did take the liberty of coming up with five roles that we believe the criminally under-cast Dana DeLorenzo was born to play. Is that going over the top? Maybe. Meanwhile, why is Hollywood not casting her more?

Here are the five not-so-subtle character suggestions that would make fans and studios alike excited. From an unassuming super sleuth, to comic book hero, to a legendary voice in music, there’s a role here for every audience. Dana can play them all.