Dana DeLorenzo: Top five roles she was born to play

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Dana DeLorenzo-Clarice Starling-Courtesy of Orion Pictures

3. Dana DeLorenzo as Clarice Starling

Every so often there are rumors that a season four of Hannibal might happen. Questions always follow. Would all the actors be available? Where would it air? Would Bryan Fuller stay on to helm a full season?

There’s a rights issue involved, but if season four included Clarice Starling, Dana DeLorenzo would breath life into the role. I think she would be able to mix Jodie Foster’s intensity from The Silence of the Lambs and Julianne Moore’s confidence from Hannibal into something that we haven’t seen from the character before.

If you pay attention to her previous roles or if you’ve seen an interview of hers, you know Dana is a ball of energy. She can be intense. She can be confident. But she can also make a character palpable. It’s like the sound quality on a CD copy of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” from the 1990s versus the record from the 1970s. Both are fascinating, but one is just more alive.

As Starling, Dana wouldn’t just be trying to prove herself or find a killer because of internal reasons. It would be part of her essence. The character would be less brooding and more consumed by determination. All three seasons of Hannibal were a ride. Dana DeLorenzo as Clarice Starling would take us on a completely different trip.