Dana DeLorenzo: Top five roles she was born to play

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Dana DeLorenzo-Veep-Courtesy of HBO

2. Dana DeLorenzo in any sitcom

I’ve talked about her comedic skills in the other roles. I think Dana DeLorenzo should minimally be making more guest appearances on current shows. In the last year, she’s shown up on Will & Grace and Rel. Hollywood can do better.

Before The Mad Ones or Ash Williams were in her life, Dana made quite a few appearances on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as Beth the Intern. She has timing. She can deliver a punch. And she can play off of a scene partner’s energy. That helps to build a strong and funny ensemble performance.

She could easily fill the shade throwing shoes of a character like Carla Tortelli from Cheers. Given her energy, I can just see her frantically pacing hallways like Liz Lemon in 30 Rock. And, there’s virtually no character she couldn’t play on Veep. While the role of Selina Meyer is sacred right now, Dana would rock as a junior staff member with a West Wing level of political knowledge who regularly cuts her coworkers apart with words.

The energy and chemistry that Dana brings to the table are a large amount of what goes into making good comedy. I know another big part is reps. You have to get out there and play as many different types of characters as you can. So, Hollywood, cast her in guest staring roles so she can get those reps. Okay?