Dana DeLorenzo: Top five roles she was born to play

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Dana DeLorenzo-Amy Winehouse-Courtesy of Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

1. Dana DeLorenzo as Amy Winehouse

In the Fall of 2018, Amy Winehouse’s family announced that they had given their blessing to a biopic about their daughter. Back when Dana was in Chicago, she was in a tribute band called House of Winehouse. They made a name for themselves in the city and even won The Chicago Reader’s best tribute band of 2010.

In a 2009 interview, Dana said that she didn’t want to be in a tribute band her whole career. She hasn’t. Since 2009, she’s been in a variety of roles in movies and television. She’s developed an on-air personality by attending and becoming popular on the convention circuit. And, Dana can really sing. Like, dude. If she wanted to play Amy Winehouse for the rest of her life, she would rule.

This is a star-making role. The story would call for drama, comedy, energy, and tons of charisma. Dana has the ability to take this role, honor Amy Winehouse, and make it her own.

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These are just five suggestions for roles that Dana DeLorenzo could be cast in immediately. She’s a talent that needs exposure and a signal boost. Hopefully, Hollywood will listen. Whatever roles she takes, we know she’ll own them and destroy expectations.

Do you think Dana DeLorenzo would work in these roles? What roles would you like to see her in? Let’s discuss in the comments!