The Last Drive-In Episode 1 Recap: C.H.U.D and Castle Freak


After a long wait, we finally get Joe Bob Briggs regularly with “The Last Drive-In.” We recap the premier episode featuring Barbara Crampton.

The wait is over, people. After a long few months since the last Joe Bob Briggs marathon in December, The Last Drive-In series finally started on Friday.

Every week until May 24, we will be getting a back-to-back blast of horror right to our faces featuring our favorite horror host and our favorite mail girl. In episode one, we explored the sewers and underbelly of New York and then we head to an inherited Italian castle to see that the castle isn’t the only thing inherited.

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First let’s talk about the movies that were shown. First up was C.H.U.D., a fan favorite but not one of Joe Bob’s favorites, it would seem. This 1984 cult classic stars John Heard, Daniel Stern, Christopher Curry and Kim Greist. Grisly murders and disappearances are plaguing New York City and the culprit is seemingly coming from below their feet. A fashion photographer turned investigative journalist, his girlfriend, a police officer and a soup kitchen worker work together to find the creatures in the sewers and stop the murders.

Joe Bob is right, nothing in this movie really makes a lick of sense and the ending is choppy at best. The acting either cardboard or over the top, there is no inbetween and yet, it is somehow very entertaining. Go figure.

Next was 1995’s Castle Freak starring Barbara Crampton, Jeffrey Combs, Jonathon Fuller, Jessica Dollarhide, Massimo Sarchielli and Elizabeth Kaza. It follows a family who heads to Italy after inheriting a 12th century castle (like you do) and, after strange incidences in the castle, learn that they are not alone. If you’re a fan , Pixel Elixir has some wicked artwork for it that you can see on their site.

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Alongside these movies, Joe Bob’s distaste for C.H.U.D. and Darcy’s love for it, Barbara Crampton joined The Last Drive-In for Castle Freak. It’s evident that Joe Bob loves this gnarly, nauseating entry to the show. Joe Bob went on a rant about pageants and bikini competitions. Barbara Crampton is such a soft-spoken person and very intelligent. She also obviously a vampire since she refuses to age.

Felissa Rose also appeared via call as the mangled dick expert about the Castle Freak’s floppy, mutilated dingle. That may have been my favorite moment of the entire episode. This episode ended with a fantastic blonde joke and the credits rolled. This first episode of The Last Drive-In was a great start to the series and I can’t wait for episode two. We will see you after the next episode of The Last Drive-In!

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