Decade of death: 10 greatest horror performances of the 2010s

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Lovely Molly–Directed by Eduardo Sanchez

Gretchen Lodge (Lovely Molly)

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Lovely Molly may not be nearly as popular as the other films on this list, but its central performance is nonetheless powerful. Co-written and directed by Eduardo Sanchez, the film follows newly-married Molly as she and her husband move into her childhood home. Upon returning to the house, Molly, a former addict, is tormented by dark memories of her childhood, and haunted by a supernatural force that dwells within the home.

As Molly, Gretchen Lodge owns the screen in what is easily one of the greatest horror performances of the decade. Lodge plays Molly as vulnerable and damned to suffer the pain of her past. While we root for her to heal rather than relapse, it becomes evident that tragedy is all that Molly will know. In her performance, Lodge impressively showcases the struggle with mental illness and drug addiction, making this such a memorable turn that it’s disgraceful for Gretchen Lodge not to be a household name.

The film itself may prove to be too ambiguous for some viewers, but it’s unquestionably worth a watch for Lodge’s hauntingly broken performance alone. In a decade that’s been dominated by actresses within the horror genre, this stands out as one of the absolute best. See for yourself.