Valancourt Books invites you to subscribe to Paperbacks from Hell


Valancourt Books welcomes you to hell with their “Paperbacks from Hell” series of long-unavailable horror novels. Do you remember these 70’s and 80’s books?

Valancourt Books describes themselves as “A small press located in Richmond, VA specializing in the rediscovery of rare, neglected, and out-of-print fiction.” The publisher recently announced some news that was very exciting to those of us who love those vintage paperback horror novels that were EVERYWHERE in the 1970’s and 1980’s: their Paperbacks from Hell series.

Founded in 2005, they specialize in out of print books. Although they offer ebooks, their specialty is high quality hardbacks and paperbacks with beautiful artwork on the front covers.

One of my personal favorite paperback authors, Michael McDowell, has several books that are once again available through Valancourt. I highly recommend his entire collection, including The Elementals, Blackwater  and Cold Moon Over Babylon.

Valancourt’s catalog contains several categories, including gothic, science fiction, LGBT interest, horror, and supernatural fiction. So, naturally, they are the perfect publishers to tie in with Grady Hendrix’s Paperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of 70’s and 80’s Horror Fiction.

A lavish love letter to the plethora of horror fiction that hit us in the 70’s and 80’s, Paperbacks from Hell features glossy photos of book covers, along with plot summaries and interesting facts. You will recognize some of the authors (V.C. Andrews, R.L Stine), but probably are unfamiliar with most.

Paperbacks from Hell – Courtesy Valancourt Books

Remaining Four Books:

When Darkness Loves Us (Elizabeth Engstrom) – Consisting of two novellas, Darkness tells the story of Sally Ann, a young woman two months pregnant, who becomes trapped in an underground cave while exploring. She must give birth and raise her son in the darkness of the cave, until she becomes determined to find her way back to civilization.

In Beauty Is…, Martha is a mentally handicapped woman who was born with no nose. Her dying mother arranges for the people in town to help Martha after her death, and as time goes on, Martha begins to remember more about her past.

The Reaping (Bernard Taylor) – Painter Tom Rigsby is commissioned to paint a portrait at Woolvercome House at double his usual fee. But, while at Woolvercome, he begins to hear screams in the night and sees a group of nuns in the courtyard. Tom stays, despite knowing that something is not right.

Valancourt – The Reaping – Courtesy of Valancourt

The Tribe (Bari Wood) – One of the most critically acclaimed books on this list, The Tribe tells the story of a group of Jewish survivors of a Nazi death camp. They live their lives in modern-day Brooklyn, until a new threat arrives.

The Spirit (Thomas Page) – When John Moon goes on a spirit walk, he is stalked by a strange creature.  Could it be Bigfoot? Moon thinks so, and is compelled to follow it through the woods, despite becoming exhausted and hungry.

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It is my sincere hope that the Paperbacks from Hell series will be popular enough to warrant the release of more of these long-lost horror gems. The books can be purchased separately, or at a special subscription price on Valancourt’s website. Individual books can also be purchased online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository.

Are you a lover of vintage paperback horror fiction? Have you checked out Valancourt’s edition of The Nest? Let us know what you think in the comments section.