5 Bruce Campbell characters that we want to see in a limited series revival

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Top 5 Characters Ready for a Revival in a Limited Series

5. Autolycus – Xena: Warrior Princess

Bruce Campbell – Autolycus – Courtesy of MCA Television, Renaissance Pictures, Studios USA Television

For quite some time now, fans of Xena: Warrior Princess have been requesting a revival on all social media platforms. Last year at Motor City Comic Con, Rob Tapert spoke about the possibility of making a reunion movie but what stops him is that he doesn’t know who would replace Lucy Lawless. That is understandable.

However, while we know that Lucy herself has said she would be okay having someone else take her place, it would be great to “catch up” with all the characters in a TV movie. If this were to happen, it would have to be in that format because everyone is currently working on other projects.

Lucy is starring in My Life Is Murder, Ted Raimi is currently filming Jac Kessler’s Popsy, we all know what Bruce is up to, Renee O’Connor has been doing theater and Karl Urban is busy with his new series, The Boys.

That’s just some of the talent that was previously involved with the old show. If this were to become a reality, it would be fun to explore how everyone has changed. Obviously, the characters have aged and that is always a storyline that could be interesting.