5 Bruce Campbell characters that we want to see in a limited series revival

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3. Sam Axe – Burn Notice

Bruce Campbell – Sam Axe – Courtesy of USA Network

Much like Xena, fans of Burn Notice have been wanting a movie or a limited series reunion of the principles for years. After the show ended in 2013, there was talk of a possible spin-off show with Sam Axe and Jesse Porter teaming up but sadly, this never came to fruition.

It’s no secret that Bruce enjoyed playing Sam and on his Twitter feed, he even put out a tweet that jokingly said, “Burn Notice animated series?”

Like Brisco, if an idea presents itself, a six-episode series could be ripe for a streaming service. Hulu already carries Burn Notice. When we last left the gang, it was believed that Fiona and Michael died in a building explosion.

However, we know they are alive and well with Charlie (Nate’s son) and living in what could possibly be Ireland. Maybe Sam and Jesse get involved in a difficult case that would call for the band getting back together again.

Would Sam have possibly married Elsa? It did seem that he was quite attached to her, more so than any of the other divorcees that he used to squire around Miami. There are so many unanswered questions and the finale of the show was sort of open-ended. No doors were closed.

Now, that Fiona and Michael are parents that would probably change their propensity for going full throttle into every situation. All of which would be an excellent dynamic to explore. Personally, even though I know this probably has no chance of happening, I am secretly pulling for this one to become a reality.