5 Bruce Campbell characters that we want to see in a limited series revival

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2. Coach Boomer – Sky High

Bruce Campbell – Coach Boomer 2 – Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures, Gunn Films, Max Stronghold Productions Inc.

Earlier this year, director Mike Mitchell admitted to I09 that it was Disney’s plan to turn Sky High into a franchise. Apparently, all of the actors with the exception of Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston signed a contract to make the movie into a TV show.

Sadly, this did not happen. Bruce Campbell’s Coach Boomer definitely could play a larger part in a limited series. After all, superheroes in their formative years need guidance and who better to give it to them?

He could even become a mentor of sorts. The movie focused on the Stronghold clan but this project could put more emphasis on a select group of students.

This could almost be a mid-season replacement for the CW or have a limited run on Netflix. It definitely fits both of their demographics. Or better yet, it could run on Disney’s streaming channel, Disney+.

In a limited series, they could make Coach Boomer a principal and develop his character more. Maybe we could even get a backstory on him. How did he get to determine who is a hero and who is a sidekick? Where did he learn how to discern students’ potentials?

The possibilities are endless so a writers’ room could definitely come up with 6 episodes.