Ted Raimi: When will we see Jac Kessler’s Popsy?


Ted Raimi is in the cast of Jac Kessler’s Popsy. Based on the Stephen King short story, this is definitely a must-see film.

Ted Raimi is one of the best working character actors in the industry today. There isn’t any role he can’t play. He has done his fair share of genre films from horror to sci-fi but then he has also appeared in blockbusters like Clear and Present Danger with Harrison Ford.

In December of last year, Raimi teased his involvement in a Stephen King project on Twitter. Now, we have found out that it is a short film from director Jac Kessler and it is based on King’s story, Popsy.

For those of you that don’t know the title, this tale was originally in King’s short story compilation Nightmares & Dreamscapes. I happen to have that book in my collection and I can tell you it is very disturbing.

It is an interesting look at addiction and the consequences. The main character is Sheridan who happens to be deep in debt to a mobster bookie for gambling. In order to make restitution, he starts abducting children for a mysterious man named Mr. Wizard.

Ted Raimi – Jac Kessler’s Popsy – Mr. Reggie – Courtesy of Pale Moonlight Cinema

While he is hunting for prey at a local mall, he spots an unattended child who is obviously stressed and looking for his parents. Thinking the kid will be an easy grab, he approaches him. Sheridan is successful but things don’t turn out according to plan.

I don’t want to ruin the outcome for any of you so let’s just say it will haunt your dreams. What we do know of the film which is currently in production according to IMDb, is that Ted Raimi plays a character named, Mr. Reggie.

We know that he has wrapped his part because a couple of days after the tweet above, he issued another stating it was his last day of shooting. It has been a while since we have seen the actor. His last role was Ian Ullman in Shudder’s terrific Lynchian creep fest, Deadwax.

According to the production company, Pale Moonlight Cinema’s Facebook page located here, we may get our chance to see Ted’s latest effort in May. The plan is for PMC to have a huge premiere at that time and then hit the festival circuit. Fingers crossed that happens.

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