Drag Me to Hell turns 10 years old: Crazy theory about the film


Drag Me to Hell was Sam Raimi’s return to the genre that made him famous. 10 years later we examine a crazy theory that almost changes the plot of the film.

Sam Raimi Returns

Drag Me to Hell was released 10 years ago. Hard to believe that this Sam Raimi written and directed venture has reached the decade mark. When I first saw the film, it made me laugh because Alison Lohman’s character, Christine Brown was a loan officer in a bank that did collections.

Oddly enough, I had that gig once upon a time. It was not an enviable job but if you did it well, it could be quite lucrative. Unfortunately for Christine, her position has severe repercussions when she denies an extension on Mrs. Ganush’s (played to creepy perfection by Lorna Raver) loan.

When the old woman places a curse on her, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. But then again, is there ever a good time for that? Christine is at a crossroads personally and professionally. She is up for the assistant manager position and her relationship with her boyfriend (Justin Long) has hit a rough patch.

Demons play a prevalent role in this Raimi picture much like a certain film that he made in 1979. This time though, the protagonist faces a real trip to hell, not just being put through it. In typical splatstick fashion, which is Sam’s stock in trade, there are plenty of gory scenes, vomiting and bodily fluids galore.

This isn’t a film for the faint of heart. Christine tries to rid herself of the curse by visiting a psychic. Let’s just say it doesn’t go according to plan. No spoilers here so I encourage you to see the film if you want to know what happens.

Crazy Theory That Makes You Shake Your Head

On the surface, Drag Me to Hell has Sam Raimi’s modus operandi written all over it. Demons, evil, hell, you know, the whole nine yards. If you are a fan of his work, this is familiar territory. However, did you know there is a theory that exists that claims the movie isn’t about a curse?

According to Grunge, this cinematic exercise was all about an eating disorder. What? Let me explain.

Apparently, the entire scenario was all in Christine’s mind. She was hallucinating because she was starving herself. The theory is the story revolves around an obsession with food. When Brown is baking in her kitchen, we see a photo of her as an overweight teenager.

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All of the vomiting and things being forced down Christine’s throat (like an arm) plus other characters always pictured imbibing and eating around her while she abstains seems to echo the idea that she might in fact suffer from anorexia.

Unfortunately, there is no explanation as to who originated the theory. Did it come from an online discussion group? Who knows? While I can understand how Drag Me to Hell could be interpreted as a fever dream caused by lack of nutrition, I don’t buy it at all.

I also think it is a bit farfetched. There is no deep, dark meaning behind Raimi’s film. It works as designed. In other words, it is a horror film plain and simple about a curse.

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Heavy subtext has never been a thing in Raimi movies. He’s not that kind of filmmaker and that is perfectly fine with me.

Do you think Drag Me to Hell is about an eating disorder? What is your opinion on the theory? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.