Glass: Negative reactions in the US made M. Night Shyamalan weep


After countries around the world began praising his last effort, M. Night Shyamalan started weeping after negative Glass reviews in the US hit.

M. Night Shyamalan just wanted to break some Glass….but he shed a few tears along the way.

According to Joblo, M. Night’s last film brought on the water works. After 2017’s Split received solid reviews, the Philly filmmaker was expecting its followup, Glass, to get the same treatment. Given the film was getting positive buzz outside the US, it’s not crazy to expect the same. That, however, did not happen.

Here’s what The Sixth Sense director is saying about the issue after appearing in front of NYU’s Stern School of Business recently:

"“I was in London when I heard the U.S. reviews for Glass were poor. I was in a makeup chair for a TV show, and I cried.We’d just come back from the London screenings, which were through the roof. We had only great screenings of the movie around the world. So essentially I wasn’t prepared. I had this false sense of being a part of the group in a safe way."

M. Night, who’s experiencing a career resurgence, goes on to say:

"But boy, did I feel distraught that day. Honestly, I was feeling like, ‘Will they never let me be different without throwing me on the garbage pile?’. The feeling of worthlessness rushed me, and to be honest, it doesn’t ever really leave. But anyway, the film went on, right? It became number one in every country in the world, and it represents my beliefs.”"

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See, that’s how you handle hard times with maturity. It looks like the filmmaker is growing as a person.

While far from perfect, Glass is a stellar two hours spent. Regardless of strange third-act decisions, the movie offers a unique world with interesting characters bringing about provoking questions. Whether you like the film or not, you can’t deny there’s nothing like it. If you’re a fan, seeing M. Night’s latest should be paramount.

Glass stars James McAvoyAnya Taylor-Joy and Bruce WillisM. Night Shyamalan writes and directs the Blinding Edge Pictures/Blumhouse production. Universal Pictures distributes the sequel. Glass is currently saving cinema, only on digital streaming and home video.

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