Halloween: Chad Michael Murray once made out with Laurie Strode


Appearing in some of the more innocent entertainment of recent years, Chad Michael Murray is admitting he once made out with Jamie Lee Curtis.

I guess everyone has a thing for the Halloween starlet….

According to Entertainment Tonight, Jamie Lee Curtis takes acting very seriously. Appearing on Busy Tonight, actor Chad Michael Murray revealed he made out with the horror icon on the set of Freaky Friday. The reason? That may surprise you…

Here’s what the once One Tree Hill heartthrob is saying about kissing one of cinema’s best leading ladies:

"“I was Lindsay Lohan’s first kiss and Jamie Lee Curtis was there, “[Curtis] was trying to kinda settle the situation because Lindsay’s nerves were a little, you know, all over the place. As you would assume, right? Your first kiss, you’re like 16 years old. Jamie’s like, ‘Alright, get in my trailer. Come on,'” he continued. “We go and we sit in Jamie’s trailer and she’s talking to Lindsay, trying to get her to [kiss me]. [She said,] ‘Just kiss him. Come on just give him a pop kiss. It’s no big deal. Let’s break the ice now.'”"

Murray, who’s currently appearing on The CW’s Riverdale, goes on to say:

"“[Curtis] goes, ‘Oh, come on,’ and she just grabs me by the back of the head and makes out with me. And at this point I went, ‘Dude, I just made out with Jamie Lee Curtis. This is great.’ And then that was it.”"

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Is it wrong to say I’m a little jealous? I mean, Curtis is still stunning people with her beauty to this day.

At such a young age (Murray was 23 when Freak Friday hit in 2003), it must have been surreal to kiss the Hollywood legend. Here’s this experienced actor and very mature woman, who’s seemingly always been extremely confident in who she is, grabbing you by the neck and planting her mouth on yours. I imagine Murray was a changed man after that day.

The last time we saw The Fog actress, she stepped back into the Haddonfield shoes that made her famous. Resurrecting Laurie Strode to again battle Michael Myers, last year’s Halloween saw Curtis return to form with a terrific performance. Is it better than the one she gave 16 years ago on the Lindsey Lohan film? That’s up for debate…

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